Oli tour: Discovering green gold.

You can try special and involving experiences like the oil tour.
Family Greco oil story is so old that to this day it is possible to visit the centuries-old underground olive mill. A typical structure of Salento areas that is an actual mine, where in the past olives were processed. You can visit the old Family Greco olive mill by guided tours organized by Masseria Rifisa team.
Tour goes on with old family stables which were used as oil shop. Inside you can admire the family carriages and the old farm implements which have been recently restored.
Tour purpose is to introduce people to the high centuries-old farm story, but also to the advanced oil production technologies through the up-to-date oil mill visit.
This by explaining philosophy which guided Mr Greco entrepreneurial choices which are clung to the total respect for traditions but with a look at a sustainable and quality agriculture.
This is an opportunity for adults and children to appreciate more link with nature. A positive and exciting experience that makes you rediscover value of
Tour ends with a taste experience with agriproduct farm specialities, guided Nachiro oil tasting that is extra virgin olive oil from organic agriculture.
Our guests can also taste Masseria S. Elena wines and products made in our farm according to product periodicity and availability, which are rigorously agriproducts and made by the capable hands of our chefs.

A dive into the flavours of Greco commercial farm.

By visiting Greco farm, you can see the heart of the production process of organic extra virgin olive oil, acquiring valuable knowledge about its characteristics and properties.
The tour begins with the discovery of the underground oil mill, then takes us inside the brand-new company mill where precious olive oil is extracted using environmentally friendly techniques.
The olive groves have been under organic cultivation since as far back as 1996; thanks to the innovative skills of Dr. Oronzo, the father of the current owner, new varieties such as Leccino were planted as early as the 1990s, enabling the company to face the Xylella disaster.
The mission is clear: to produce high-quality olive oil while respecting our precious environment.
Just a few meters away, still in the historic center of the village, the visit continues to the former company stables where ancient equipment used in agricultural processes can be admired, along with antique carriages belonging to the Greco family, recently restored.

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Taste local oil flavour.

Azienda Agraria tour does not only introduce olive oil production process but it also illustrates oil qualities and peculiarities. The tour also includes the modern company olive oil mill, where olives arrive before oil extraction. Thus, it is possible to discover the link between old traditions and new technology techniques, which led to simplify working process preserving flavour authenticity.
In the old town centre, few meters far from Azienda Agraria, the tour goes on with former company stable. Here there are old machines used in agricultural process in past times, together with ancient carriages owned by the family. In the old stable it is possible to learn about and taste the exquisite Nachiro extra virgin olive oil. It has remarkable organoleptic features, result of a totally organic agriculture.

Visit to Chiusura di Sotto breeding.

Masseria Chiusura di Sotto, a true oasis of tradition and innovation in the world of livestock farming. Records of the farm date back to 1600, as attested by historical maps found; today the farm consists of about 160 Limousine cattle and about 300 pigs.
The commercial farm is committed to providing a healthy and natural environment for the animals, promoting practices that respect their well-being and ensure final products with an unmistakable taste. Animal health and well-being are at the centre of the farm philosophy.
Masseria Chiusura di Sotto also engages in promoting a short supply chain with its farm butcher’s, reducing the distance between producer and consumer.
Masseria Chiusura di Sotto enthusiastically welcomes those who wish to discover up close the world of livestock farming and taste the goodness of the meats produced on-the-spot. It offers a unique opportunity to experience authenticity, breathe the air of Salento, and get to know the production process up close.


Firm tour in group

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Firm tour in group + lunch at Masseria

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  • MIN 10 / MAX 20 PEOPLE

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