Aperitivo a km0 in Puglia

Welcome to Masseria Rifisa AgriResort, the oasis of relaxation in the heart of Salento, where hospitality is combined with sustainability. After a rejuvenating treatment in our spa, our guests can delight in the km0 Rifisa Aperitif, a unique all-meat experience.

Carefully prepared by our chefs using only local ingredients, Aperitivo Rifisa celebrates the authentic flavors of Puglia. Vegetables come directly from our farm garden, ensuring freshness and wholesomeness in every bite. The meat, on the other hand, comes from our farm farm at Masseria Chiusura di Sotto, ensuring the highest quality and traceability.

Our philosophy is based on the circular economy, a concept that goes beyond simply using resources. It means creating a system in which nothing is wasted: garden waste becomes compost to fertilize the soil, while kitchen leftovers are turned into delicious food for farm animals.

With Salento appetizers such as fritters, rustic focaccia, homemade friselline with cherry tomatoes and parmigiana, every bite is a discovery of authenticity and flavor. Accompanied by seasonal vegetables, our aperitif goes perfectly with a glass of our S.Elena wine, produced with love and passion in our vineyard. You can choose from Negroamaro Rosso or Rosato, Fiano or Primitivo.

Each sip tells the story of our territory, from the land to the table. And to complete the experience, we offer our guests fresh, pure water to hydrate and fully appreciate the flavors of Puglia.

Within the picturesque setting of our masseria, Aperitivo Rifisa becomes a moment of conviviality and relaxation, to be shared with friends and family. Come and discover it with us and be conquered by the magic of Salento.

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Aperitivo a km0 in Puglia


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