Greco Agricultural Company

Greco’s Azienda Agraria rises in the luxuriant Terra d’Otranto.

It is placed in Caprarica di Lecce, in the heart of the Terra d'Otranto land, and boasts about a centuries-old agricultural culture and tradition.
Greco family oil history is so old ancient that even today the modern olive oil mill is placed in the historic centre of the village, just a few meters from the ancient underground olive oil mill owned by the family, which has been recently restored.
All the production phases, from the olive grove cultivation to olive milling and oil bottling, are carried out under organic farming practices.
All along devoted to olive cultivation and oil production, as well as wine and tobacco, recently it has diversified its activities by restoring its farm: Masseria Rifisa, Masseria S. Elena, Masseria Chiusura di Sotto.

Its history

The farm, placed in the heart of Otranto land, in Caprarica di Lecce, belongs to a
family with a centuries-old oil culture and tradition.

Greco family oil history is so ancient that even today, the modern farm oil mill, recently restored, is placed in the historic centre of the village, just a few meters from the family-owned ancient underground oil mill.

For over 30 years, first the father Oronzo Greco and then his son Pantaleo have embraced with intense feeling the practice of organic farming in all its production phases and agronomic practices, including the olive milling. Even the subsequent bottling of the oil is carried out without using any synthetic chemical products.

The produced oil has a fundamental feature that few can boast: raw materials and transformation processes are exclusively farm-owned. This is possible thanks to the extensive farm lands.

All these characteristics have led Greco family to directly enter the market, providing the end-consumer with an absolutely genuine produce. All passion, expertise, and seriousness dedicated to olive cultivation are now encapsulated in every single bottle of organic extra virgin olive oil ‘Nachiro’.

Dr. Greco passion is linked to his specific professional expertise; indeed, besides being an agronomist, he is a specialist in olive growing and olive oil technology.

Our products

Natural products born from the love for our land.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nachiro Bio


From centuries-old olive trees and a dedication to their work, the organic extra

virgin olive oil Nachiro borns. It is an extremely fine oil that represents Greco

family centuries-old history and oil tradition.

The olives from which the oil is extracted, hold a prestigious variety of Salento cultivars, all exclusively from the farm, namely: Ogliarola Leccese, Cellina di Nardò,

and Leccino.

The extra virgin olive oil Nachiro is of high-level quality. This also the reason why it

has received important recognitions and awards at national level.

Masseria Chiusura di Sotto


Masseria Chiusura di Sotto is a true oasis of tradition and innovation in livestock

farming world. Records of the Masseria date at 1600s, as attested by the found historical maps; today the livestock consists of about 160 Limousine breed cattles

and about 300 pigs.

The animals are fed thanks to the farm crops and strictly carried out in organic farming: hay, barley, and broad beans.

It is a closed cycle livestock farming (each animal is born in the farm with natural

mating) and is carried out in the semi-wild state.

Particular attention is paid to the animal living conditions.

For lovers of good wine

Masseria S. Elena Wine

Masseria S. Elena vineyards are placed on lands of the same name, known since 1721 for their richness and fertility. The combination of soil and climate gives the wines a complex structure and fragrant, spicy aromas, giving them a distinctive nature.

Masseria S. Elena Negramaro grape wines have an intense ruby red colour. The aroma is complex, fruity, with hints of sour cherry and plum. Spicy sensations of tobacco add an intriguing feature, while the overall structure is warm and soft.

Primitivo wine, with its intense red colour and violet nuances, is a hymn to vitality.

The fruity taste, with features of black fruits like currants, evolves with aging and gives a more velvety and balanced taste, enriched with hints of licorice.

Masseria S. Elena Fiano, with its bright straw yellow colour and intense fruity aromas, with important citrus features, is tasty, harmonious, and smooth.

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