The time is always right when it comes to visit Salento. A land rich in history, art and delicious food which in autumn offers different experiences and places to discover.

During the autumn, in Salento it is possible to discover traditions: enchanting little towns plunged in olive tree groves and ever-present land scents felt up to hinterland. This atmosphere has always attracted tourists, who stop and stare Salento beauty, with peaceful landscapes surrounded by unpolluted nature.

In Salento, autumn days are still sunny and bright, windy sometimes, but they offer the possibility to visit the area enjoying autumn peacefulness. A land rich in cultural influences, from Greeks to Messapian, giving several local products which are symbols of its traditional and delicious cuisine. From extra virgin olive oil and wine to homemade pasta, Salento has an excellent Eno gastronomic culture.

Discover Salento among nature, food and architectural treasures

Salento autumn landscapes are unique and evocative. Lands cultivated with passion which offer products with an unmistakable taste, real heralds of the area, perfectly describing its origins.

Salento hinterland is a treasure trove thanks to olive tree groves and vineyards, which give birth to extra virgin olive oil and wine, known all over the world for their qualities. These are villages in which travellers can get lost among wine cellars, underground olive oil mills, traditional workshops and trattorie where it is possible to taste km 0 products.

Salento autunno vino

Salento is also the cradle of unvaluable cultural and architectural heritage. It is impossible not to be fascinated by Grecìa Salentina towns, a cosy land for whoever visit it which tells about a thousand-year history. It is a union of twelve peculiar villages which speak an ancient dialect coming from Greek called “Griko”.
By walking these towns’ streets and centres it is possible to admire wonderful buildings, depositary of a unique history. Churches, baronial mansions and monuments, but also masserie and holiday farms where you can taste Salento traditional dishes.

Experience Salento in autumn in the evocative panorama of Masseria Rifisa

Plunged in Caprarica di Lecce countryside, among centuries-old olive trees and old architectures, Masseria Rifisa make you discover traditions, located in the heart of Salento. A unique experience through which tourists know Salento autumnal tastes and visit underground olive oil mill, the symbol of Azienda Agraria and of the entire Salento agricultural tradition.

An exclusive stay among tours and tastings of company-made km 0 products, such as Nachiro extra virgin olive oil. A peculiarity in Masseria Rifisa is the heated pool where you can relax enjoying appetizers and sipping Primitivo or Negroamaro wine.

An unforgettable experience for whoever wants to live unique moments and exclusive experiences. Check our website to see the full program and to discover “Tradition tastes” package.